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Wine Tasting May Be More Harmful To Teeth Than Standard Drinking

Research from the University of Adelaide has revealed the damage acidity in wine can cause to teeth.

A study shows just 10 one-minute wine tastings can bring a softening of the tooth enamel, highlighting the risks involved to professional tasters.

Senior lecturer in the university’s School of Dentistry, Dr Sarbin Ranjitkar, said the acidic levels found in wine were similar to those in orange juice.

“If the wine acids come in direct contact with the tooth structure, it dissolves the tooth,” he said.

“It doesn’t happen to all individuals, but once the host defence, the protective mechanism of teeth, is lowered, wine acids can do damage.”

Dr Ranjitkar said wine tasters, as opposed to regular drinkers, were most at risk of tooth decay, due to the frequency of wine swirling in their mouths.

“For a general drinker, a few drinks usually is not a problem,” he said.

“For professional wine tasters, we have a specific set of guidelines about how to look after their teeth.

“We are focussing on putting a protective cover on teeth by using so-called re-mineralising agents in the form of calcium phosphate and fluorides.”

Source: ABC – Rural