The Newport Coast Oral Facial Institute is …

A not-for-profit learning center for multidisciplinary dental care.

A world-class microscopy training laboratory.

An innovative leader in dental education taught by the mentoring method.

A system of modular educational units to advance professional skills.

An international, renowned faculty of teaching clinicians.

A leader in current technology inclusion for the dental team.

A creative, innovative learning environment.

A leader in advanced dental technology education.

An environment to inspire continued growth and dedication to dentistry.

The mission of the Newport Coast Oral Facial Institute is …

To provide a creative environment for teaching and learning the most advanced theoretical and practical levels of knowledge applicable to the field of dentistry and dental technology

To contribute to the advancement of dentistry through continued research designed to address clinical issues and maximize the standard of care.

What is the “Research Associates Club”?

Research Associates are companies who donate $5,000 or more per year to support the independent research activities of the NCOFI Research Division that is dedicated to the solution of clinical related issues which help improve the clinical delivery of dentistry and dental technology products. The monies donated will be dedicated to the research program only; however, the results of the ongoing research will be published in peer reviewed journals and shared with students at the Newport Coast Oral Facial Institute Educational Programs, both domestic and international. The Research Associates will be honored with their name on a recognition wall.

If I wanted to support the non-profit work of NCOFI, can I be a part of the support group?

Absolutely! We are a 501(c)3 corporation and any donations are tax deductible to you as an individual donor. We will supply you with the appropriate documentation for the IRS, and greatly appreciate support of any amount as we expand our programs and services to the profession.