The Role of Occlusion in Restorative Excellence (Two Modules)

The Role of Occlusion in Restorative Excellence (Two Modules)

“How is beautiful and durable Esthetic Dentistry dependent on your knowledge and understanding of occlusion?”

This hands on, personalized two-module course will help take out the confusion and address many of the clinical challenges relating to occlusion. Determining the risk of occlusal disease for each patient and understanding various occlusal schemes is critical before a diagnosis and a rational treatment protocol can be developed. How do we evaluate the existing stomatognatic system and relate the occlusal function/dysfunction to physiologic function or pathologic dysfunction? What are the essential elements of occlusal stability? The multiple causal factors of occlusal disease, as well as its relationship to sleep disordered breathing and TMD will be discussed.

In this course, we will model a comprehensive occlusal evaluation and show you the proper use of instrumentation for diagnosis such as imaging, Doppler auscultation, face-bows, and articulators. The design, fabrication and adjustment of various occlusal splints will be reviewed and hands on fabrication and adjustment of a full coverage non-directive splint will allow you to immediately take your learning back to practical application in your practice.

Participants will also be introduced to effective business models to incorporate occlusal therapy into clinical practice.

Module 1:
• Learn a practical guide to understand the anatomical, biomechanical, and physiological aspects of occlusion as well as the theories of occlusal function and TMJ stability
• Discover the five critical elements of occlusion that can guide your every decision
• Understand and develop the skills to implement a comprehensive occlusal evaluation, appropriate imaging and auscultation
• Master methods to take accurate bite records, use face-bows, and occlusal plane analysers, and program articulators
• Experience various occlusal appliance designs
• Understand the role of sleep disordered breathing in occlusion

Module 2:
• Learn to correlate the results of the clinical examination with specific diagnosis, patient management and treatment options
• Understand the role of occlusal splint therapy, from the fabrication and delivery to the integration of information from splint therapy into the restorative phases of treatment
• Master sequencing and assessing risk in the restorative treatment plan
• Establish equilibration techniques and guidelines on when to equilibrate a dentition
• Develop effective, profitable business models to incorporate occlusal therapy into your practice

Course Fee: $3,500 for both modules or $1,895 for Module One only (purchased separately)

8 CEU per course day, total 16 CEU, available.

NCOFI is an accepted National Sponsor for FAGD/MAGD credits and an ADA CERP Recognized Provider.

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